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AlorTec is a one-stop-shop for restoration and ventilation equipment. The group of companies manufacture moisture control units, humidity control, and ventilation equipment. Our restoration equipment includes desiccant dehumidifier, SLGR, air scrubbers, and air movers. We also manufacture cooling, portable electric heating systems, and water extraction units. Besides, when it comes to controlling moisture, we are the best. No company has equipment that can match our dehumidifiers. The good thing with our equipment is that they all enjoy Energy Star ratings and are efficient. Indeed, gone are the days when damaging moisture or even floods used to be a matter of concern. At AlorTec, we have a range of domestic, commercial and industrial equipment you can use. They are ideal and you can rely on them to control moisture and carry out restoration tasks. Also, we provide permanent whole-house ventilation solutions. Our equipment guarantees efficiency air filtration and fresh air ventilation. Also, the house ventilation dehumidifiers will meet your needs beyond Energy Star® program efficiency standards.

SENTINEL HDi90 Replace the fan capacitor

Sentinel HDi100/HDi120 Replace the Operation Screen

Sentinel HDi100/HDi120 Replace the Water Pump

Storm Ultra Replace the operation screen

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