Humidity Control in Pharmacies and
Chemical Products Firms

The humidity level when packing and filling in the pharmaceutical & chemical products should always be controlled. Generally, the loss of hygroscopic products would be immense if humidity is not controlled. At the point you realize that products are sticking to themselves and becoming lumpy, you need to find a solution immediately. By using AlorTec group dryers the problem could be sorted out once and for all.
Pharmaceutical drugs, granules, and agent powders have one common problem- they attract humidity faster. It takes very little time for an entire packet to become sticky and lumpy if the amount of moisture is not controlled, you can incur great losses. Notice that issues of moisture can be disastrous when dealing with medicinal products. Contamination caused by humidity changes can have dire consequences. So using the right equipment to ensure that this does not happen is vital.

Thus, to help maintain optimum air conditioning throughout filling and packing, AlorTec Group unveils dehumidifiers manufactured using the latest technology. The dehumidifiers come in several models depending on the need.

Most of the pieces of equipment have been tested and could be deployed in pharmaceuticals. They lower the humidity levels and ensure that moisture is controlled.

For the pharmaceutical production and chemical industry, the AlorTec group has the answer to hygroscopic issues. It provides portable dehumidifiers that can suitably be deployed in all storage areas.