Your healthy air system

Introduce healthy and fresh air to create a healthy air environment for your house, helps to remove dust, allergens, bacteria and viruses from the air while maintaining humidity, which helps to prevent the spread of the virus.
An environment with healthy and clean air can make you feel happy. Air purification, ventilation, humidity and temperature control all contribute to your overall health.

Humidity control

Proper indoor humidity can greatly reduce the spread of the virus. When the humidity is maintained between 30-60%, the survival rate of the virus can be minimized.For the health of you and the people around you, we provide various dehumidifiers. Where you need to dehumidify, you can find suitable machines here.

The Importance Of Ventilation

Indoor workers spend approximately 90% of their time in the room, which makes clean indoor air quality essential for a healthy environment. In fact, even in highly industrialized or crowded areas, indoor air pollution poses greater health risks to occupants than outdoor air. Proper ventilation can protect the house from harmful toxins, pollutants, and odors, and it can also help protect the overall structure of the house or building by removing excessive moisture in the air.

Our dehumidifiers and air scrubbers all contain filtering systems, which can help clean the air and give you a healthy breathing environment.

Powerful ventilation system. Bring you fresh air, and effectively filter impurities and viruses in the air to provide protection for your health.

High efficiency filtration
With MervFilters, can help eliminate:


Dust Mites


Mold Spores


Pet Dander

Household Debris

And More

The filter media is strongly bound to the frame which helps prevent even the smallest particles from getting through. It is resistant to a wide range of chemicals so it won't deteriorate easily. Designed to avoid absorbing moisture, it eliminates the risk of mold and microbial growth.It can protect blowers, coils, fans and other inner components from the congestion of impurities from the air taking in from outside. Also at the same time ensure the maximum airflow supply volume. 

The service life of each filter is more than 3 months, and the replacement is very easy. Use powerful filters and breath happier!

Quality air

Air quality is a constant concern and should be a top priority nowadays, so we launched an air scrubber with UV-C light technology.

Scientific research has proven that the most effective frequency for microbial destruction is between 200nm and 280nm, and then UV-C, which is an invisible light, spanning the range of 100-280 nm and has powerful bactericidal properties. Therefore, as long as the nm wavelength of a germicidal lamp can be good control within that range, the microorganisms will be destroyed effectively. Use it to protect the health of life and work environment.