History & Mission


AlorTec is global group of companies in the dehumidification, water damage restoration, ventilation and HVAC industry.
Our AlorAir specializes in providing water damage restoration, BaseAire provides efficient and reliable dehumidifiers and air scrubbers, Unipdry with state-of-the-art technology manufactures a complete line of the ventilating dehumidifiers and other accessories while
CoAiro utilizes advanced heat transfer technology in manufacturing dehumidifiers meant for commercial and residential markets
AlorTec brands are based on the principle of 'hand go hand come', as in when you purchase our equipments your comfortability is assured, because all our products go through a thorough quality check before approved for shipment.
In the United States, we have established distribution hubs in the west and east coast and we have a growing network of distributors and dealers across the country. We are also present in Australia, Europe, and Asia where we have our branches.


INNOVATION - Our mission is to drive innovative technological research in the water damage restoration industry.
implementing new ideas, creating dynamic products or improving our existing services.

LEADERSHIP AlorTec to be a leader not only in dehumidification technology, but also in vast spectrum of products and services including HVAC.

PASSION for providing the highest value to our customers, employees, and owner.

COMMITMENT We at Alortec are committed to providing the best equipments and solution to our customers to succeed through honesty and diligence.


Committed to doing the right thing


In everything we do


Working as one, to help our customers succeed


Creating an open, diverse and respectful environment


Accountable to our associates,customers and communities

When you join AlorTec you’ll be part of a team with a shared purpose: delivering healthy air to millions of homeowners and their families. This passion, along with an abundance of talent, makes the AlorTec team one of the best in the business. It’s because of our people that AlorTec is the Trusted Solution for Healthy Homes.