General Dehumidification Solutions

Dehumidifiers can suitably be applied in the simulation environment. As such, dehumidifiers find a lot of applications in the automotive industry. In this environment, testing the behavior of rubber seals may require dry heat or a very cold environment. To get the desired results, you may need devices that can help you regulate the environment.

In wind tunnels and climatic chambers, you may also need to simulate factors such as humidity, wind strength and air temperature. But to simulate humidity, you need specially designed dehumidifiers. They should be capable of offering the required levels of humidity even at dew points that go below 0°C. This is where AlorTec group comes in.

AlorTec group has a wide range of dehumidifiers to choose from. There is the HDi90, the HD90, and the HD55 to choose from. The devices utilize Artificial Intelligence technology which makes them efficient and ideal for simulation purposes.
These dehumidifiers can be applied in wind tunnels and climatic chambers. Some are compact and can be deployed in situations with limited spaces. Besides, they have a compact body that is rugged and resistant to corrosion. The units can be controlled via an app meaning that they can be deployed in risky areas.

Industrial Service

AlorTec group devices offer solutions to industrial needs. The range of dehumidification products can help control humidity levels in industrial applications.
If you need one for dehumidifying temporary environments and simulating climatic chambers, the AlorTec group has a range of options to choose from.