Dehumidification can be complicated. So if you have a question, we’re pretty sure to have an answer. Because as the old saying goes, there’s no such thing in a dumb question.

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What is the SLGR Dehumidifier?

How to choose a right dehumidifier?

1. Will the added heat affect my air conditioner? If yes, how?

By removing the moisture load from the air conditioner, cooling such air can be fast and efficient. Therefore, homes that maintain lower relative humidity can be comfortable and will require less cooling. Just set the thermostat at 78 and 80 degrees and y

2. Is it advisable to run a smaller dehumidifier in the bedroom?

Studies show that providing dehumidification in a single room will not reduce the humidity significantly. Neither will it reduce the level of allergen present. The reason is that humidity in the rest of the rooms will overwhelm the effort of a single smal

3. Why should the humidity level by 50%?

When the humidity is 50%, the survival of adult dust mites will be limited to 4-11 days. But when dust mites are in the protonymph stage, they can survive the larval stage for about 4 weeks. They will lie low waiting for high humidity to return.

4. What is the recommended area that one unit can handle?

A single BaseAire or AlorAir will sufficiently maintain a relative humidity level of less than 50% in an area of about 2,500 square feet. It will continue to do this even when you have more than one air conditioning system.

5. Why the air filter is not effective against mold and mites?

The air filter can only be effective in removing particles suspended in the air. The dust mites are obviously large and dense so they cannot stay airborne for a long time. They travel through ductwork and can easily get into homes. Thus they may not be af

6. Why should one not buy smaller residential dehumidifier which is cheaper than buying one Unipdry or CoAiro?

Buying one Unipdry or CoAiro dehumidifier is better than buying a smaller dehumidifier. There are many reasons for this. First, there is no way two fifty residential dehumidifiers can remove as much water as one CoAiro. Also, Unipdry dehumidifier is ideal

7. What do we expect from a typical dehumidifier in terms of performance?

The performance of residential dehumidifiers at extremely low temperatures is quite minimal. Ordinarily, dehumidifiers such as AlorAir operate in temperatures as low as 56°F. In these conditions, they will remove about 60 pints of water per day at 60%RH.

8. Will adding fresh air ventilation increase the air conditioning costs?

It is true that as the number of ventilation increases, more energy will be consumed as it tries to condition the fresh air to indoor levels. However, it is important to remember that conditioning increases natural ventilation and increases the overall ra