Basement Dehumidification And Ventilation

Preventing Humidity In The Basement And Crawl Spaces

Basement Dehumidification and Ventilation

According to studies, more than 50% of the moisture that comes from the living rooms in most homes emanate from the basement and crawl spaces. If left unchecked, it can lead to leaks, cracks and ductwork problems. Typically, the crawl spaces are always cold. So when it gets cooler, the vapor condenses on the floors and walls. It forms moisture which can easily be blown into the living rooms. But when you install a dehumidifier from AlorTec group, moisture issues will be sorted out once and for all.

Why you should reduce the level of
humidity in your basement?

By allowing the level of humidity in the basement to remain high, you expose yourself to respiratory and skin diseases. It also results in wood rot, warped floors, lousy and musty odors. In some cases, it attracts termites and leads to short-circuiting. It also makes the walls damp and musty. If left uncontrolled for a long time, it results in high maintenance fees.

Our basement dehumidifier

AlorTec group has a series of dehumidifiers that can be deployed to clean and remove moisture from the basement. The HDi90, the HD90, and the HD55 are some of the options you may need to consider. The HDi90, in particular, utilizes Artificial Intelligence technology and is the best unit for basement deployment. It is very efficient in its dehumidification functionality .

Most of these dehumidifiers are uniquely configured. For instance, some have a horizontal configuration with an airflow outlet which makes the units ideal for crawlspaces and horizontal dehumidification. Besides, storing these units is easy. They can be stacked in a small space when not in use. They are also efficient in removing water and high temperature.

Benefits of using AlorTec group dehumidifier

When you buy the AlorTec group dehumidifier, one thing that you will be certain of is that you will be given access to engineers and competent technicians to offer some guidance on how to use the equipment. It helps you to get the best from the unit. It will make the unit offer you quality service. If you follow the advice, we guarantee that the equipment will solve all moisture problems. Thus it will ensure that:

You remain healthy- they provide sufficient ventilation which is critical in improving immunity and keeping your skin healthy. It also helps to protect you from respiratory issues.

Comfort- the dehumidifiers will clean and dry the air to ensures that the crawlspaces and basement remain dry. It ensures the floor is dry and eliminates musty odors. It allows the living spaces to remain dry.

Make home habitable- When the humidity levels are low and the temperatures maintained at a certain level, they make the home habitable.

All the AlorTec group dehumidifiers are automatic. They only run when there is a need. This is critical in conserving energy. It saves users from unnecessary bills.

The dehumidifiers ensure that the amount of air that gets into your home from the basement and crawl spaces is free from bacteria and infection-causing allergens. The units should be deployed to work when you notice signs of humidity in the basement.

Signs of humidity
* Mold growth
* Frowsty Odor
* Causes of high moisture in the basement
* Poor drainage that results in standing water
* Moisture evaporating from the ground
* Space vents that are not properly done

When all these factors are combined, it can cause havoc to your house. Also, when the air moisture is excess, it can damage your structure and ruin items. It can also lead to the growth of mold, dust mites and mildew. It increases rusting and can ruin your home. But you can save yourself from this torment by installing any of the dehumidifiers from AlorTec group. The units will dry the air and eliminate any incoming moisture. It is the best method to use to keep your home fresh and safe. Besides, it makes the home comfortable.

How to Keep The Home Environment Hygienic

1.Ensure there is proper drainage
If there are proper drainage channels no water will be allowed to seep to the basement through the foundation. It means that the basement will not get wet and will keep the basement dry. It also helps to improve the soil around the

2. Insulating the basement
When there is a high level of moisture in the basement, it creates conditions that allow mold and mildew to thrive. So ensure the basement is insulated with moisture-proof material. Insulation of 1.6 inches will do a good job. It prevents moisture and air passing it and will keep the home dry.

3. Cover the floor
You can also deal with the moisture by covering the floor with a heavy and thick cover. Such a cover should be laid in a continuous run. Gaps and holes should all be eliminated. They allow moisture to penetrate and find its way into the living room.

4. Capping the foundation wall
Plastic sheets may be used to cap the interior of foundation walls. If the sheets are properly galvanized, it keeps away moisture and makes it difficult for termites to build the paths on the walls.

5. Using AlorTec group dehumidifier
This is the most reliable method you can use to ventilate and keep the basement dry. Deploying HDi90, the HD90, HD55, and Guardian extreme in the basement will absorb the moisture and remove the dampness. It will help to dry the air and keep the moisture at bay. Plugin any of the dehumidifiers and let it run for a few hours. Once the moisture is eliminated, it will switch itself off.

6. Keeping the crawl spaces clean
Keeping the crawl space moisture-free could be the best way to prevent the accumulation of debris that attracts rodents and pests in the house. It will help to keep it dry throughout. You may also decide to use a dry vacuum if the moisture is not too much. It sucks and dries the moisture.
Keeping the home clean and dry ensures that it’s hygienic. By installing a dehumidifier, it ensures that it is free from infection-causing bacteria. It checks dampness and ensures that the humidity is always right.