Air Purification

Why Clean Shield HEPA 550 Is The Best For Controlling Dust

Controlling dust contaminants can be a big problem for many homeowners. It can even be more difficult if the home suffers from water or fire damage. Water and fire damage needs to be remedied immediately. If it is not, it can leave behind dust and contaminants which can bring a host of health issues to members of your family. It can also cause an explosion and make the home inhabitable. This is where the AlorTec group comes in. We have a range of equipment that can effectively deal with the dust problem. They include:

1. Clean Shield HEPA 550

It is one of the equipment AlorTec recommend for controlling dust. It is an Air scrubber that draws airborne dust from the surrounding. It cleans the dust before releasing it back in the environment. It is an ideal equipment that can suitably be deployed in diminutive spaces. The unit absorbs all the dust in the environment and will protect household gadgets and hardware from further damage.
Advantages of controlling dust in your home
It enhances productivity - dust reduces the performance of equipment. If left to accumulate, it can make machines inefficient and reduce productivity.
Minimizes loss of material - some materials get spoilt when exposed to dust. Therefore, by installing Clean shield HEPPA in such places, you reduce material loss.
Improves the working environment - Installing an Air scrubber in your home makes the environment conducive. Leaving a lot of dust to accumulate in an environment contaminates the working place and could affect employees’ lungs. It brings health issues and slows down productivity.
Minimizes occurrences of explosions - when the dust is contaminated, it results in explosions. But by installing clean Shield HEPA 550, you reduce any possibility of occurrence of explosions.
Reduces unnecessary maintenance and cleaning – when you keep your machines in areas that are dust prone you must be prepared to clean them regularly. Besides, you must be prepared to service the machines every after a short while. But when you install an air scrubber, you will not need to do all these things.

2. Air Mover: AlorAir zeus 900 VIDEO for humidity control and Ventilation

Moisture can be a big problem in your home. If the building you are living in or working from is poorly ventilated or sealed you will be affected. Also, the moisture levels in such rooms are likely to be high. You need devices equipped with Artificial Intelligence technology to help control humidity. ZEUS 900 is one of the units from AlorTec group which you can trust to help you control moisture.

Zeus 900 is designed with the needs of NEPA in mind

It increases the supply of fresh air in the building and lowers moisture. It helps to maintain humidity between 35-50 % and eliminates skin and respiratory diseases. When you install the unit, it guarantees that both the furniture and equipment will be safe. It reduces the havoc caused by excess moisture.

It is an efficient unit- Zeus 900 is one of the units from AlorTec group that you can deploy in work-spaces. It is an ideal tool that is used to cool down motor run equipment. The device could also be used as a fan. It produces a powerful airflow that could be used to speed up the rate of evaporation. This feature makes the equipment ideal for drying surfaces. For instance, Zeus extreme is capable of delivering an air stream of 3000cfm thanks to its 2-speed rotor. It means that it can be deployed to any drying task. It can be rotated in clockwise and anticlockwise directions. The unit is capable of drying surfaces irrespective of the angle. It is a powerful air mover with immense horsepower. This makes it suitable for deployment in large spaces.

3. Zeus Extreme

This unit is ideal for drying carpets and managing dust. Carpets used in offices, mosques and even in our houses can accumulate a lot of dust. If the frequency of people visiting the places is high, it may require that you find equipment that can help you clean it spotlessly. But choosing the method to use to clean such carpets may be determined by several factors including the quality of the material. Once cleaned, the carpets can take too long to dry. This should not be the case. Zeus extreme should then be deployed to dry the carpets faster. It can be used to clean and dry carpet fast. It is a product from AlorTec group that uses the latest technology to dry surfaces.

Efficiency Blowing

It will go a long way to save on time and money you could otherwise spend on cleaning. Thus, with this device, you kill two birds with one stone. It will reduce moisture in your workplace and you can use it to clean and dry carpets. Zeus extreme is a superior unit. It releases a high-velocity airflow which can effectively be used to clean and blow away moisture from the carpet.